Before Salvation

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It was Martin’s thought process back then to meet everything with violence. At that time Martin was unsaved and ignorant to The Lord and the ways of righteousness. It’s unfortunate how quickly a person can become a product of the things that they are exposed to, the people that surround them, a challenging upbringing, their environment and lack of knowledge. The following pictures tell the story for themselves.


This is now… for everything is done in the name of Jesus, all for the glory of The Kingdom of God.

After Salvation

 Shortly after being saved Martin realized in his past he was caught in an evil cycle of ignorance, crime, addiction, and violence. Through developing a strong relationship with God, hard work and dedication to living righteously, Martin was able to overcome many of his own personal demons. The Lord broke numerous chains for Martin blessing him with opportunities to finally find redemption. Martin is rapidly becoming a highly sought after motivational and keynote speaker. Let these pictures speak for themselves. God Is Good!