About Martin

Martin R. Maurer is a well-respected and sought after public speaker and consultant for change. Martin’s “Real Talk” style of delivering the Word comes from being able to draw from his real life’s experiences and how he now sees that The Lord has influenced his life. Unashamed of being a Christian combined with a fire and desire to tell others about Christ, Martin can speak on a variety of topics in a heartfelt approach, everything ranging from a challenging childhood, a 20-year history of street life and drug addiction, homelessness, incarceration, being a convicted felon and the obstacles that these issues can pose. It is very inspirational and moving to hear how Martin was saved, baptized and washed with The Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to overcome these and many other barriers paving the way for Martin to become the man of God he is today.


Actual Photos. October 27, 2002

Martin is not only a motivational speaker with a spiritual message he is also a college graduate with a degree in Applied Science in Human Services with a concentration on Substance Abuse, North Carolina State Certified Peer Support Specialist, and holds many North Carolina State training certificates and certifications. Martin credits his success to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the support of family and great friends and to higher education. Martin has a passion for what he does and in doing so has helped countless people find their way to Christ and change for the better. He has a no excuses “Real Talk” way of reaching out. Amongst his favorite mantra’s are “WITH GOD ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”,   “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION” and “GOD GOT THIS!”